July 26, 2016

Why we recommend Annual Smoke Alarm Services

We are still finding a lot of the older, especially ionisation and budget non long life, photoelectric alarms continue to cause problems.

Also one particular new long life battery model with multiple installations continues to fail. This model is not used by Secure Solutions.
All smoke alarms especially the new long-life battery models require regular servicing and activating.

Nearly all faults in the new long life battery alarms are caused by dust,
dampness and not being “reset electronically” with a simulated smoke activation.

We continually see dust and insects come out of the alarms when we clean them out with pressured air. (Bugs, moths and even cockroaches)

We recommend our annual preventative maintenance services to help avoid any problems. We also recommend replacing older ionisation and the budget photoelectric alarms as well.

We do a full compliance service at an exceptionally good rate with the added bonus of discounted smoke and heat alarms to our regular clients.

We look forward to assisting you with any maintenance or new installations.

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