July 26, 2016

Fire Facts

At Secure Solutions, we recognise the huge importance of correctly installed, quality smoke and heat alarms. That’s why today, we have chosen to specialise in residential property fire detection.

The “hands on” data we have collected from hundreds of properties show that fewer than 10% of homes in New Zealand have adequate fire protection.

If a home does have smoke alarms they are usually incorrectly positioned, don’t work when sprayed with test smoke, have a flat battery or no battery at all, or are not loud enough even if they do work. On top of that, the incorrect positioning of the smoke alarm often results in the battery being removed by the householder.

Well positioned, working heat detectors protect property

With nearly half of all house fires starting in the kitchen, we consider a heat only alarm in the kitchen to be a necessity. In rental properties especially, we have seen burn marks from cooking mishaps, and the tenants often ask for smoke alarms in these areas. However, even the so-called “toast proof detector” cannot be installed in a kitchen due to false alarms from cooking fumes. This is why a heat detector is the best option.

Well positioned, working smoke detectors save lives!

As well as at least one heat detector in the kitchen, we recommend smoke detectors within three metres of every bedroom door, and in an area which could be used as an exit in the event of a fire. We also recommend one in every bedroom as most deaths from fires come from bedroom fires. With heating appliances, smoking and an increase in electronic devices, most with chargers, there is always the potential for a fire.

Protection throughout the home

Heat detectors are also recommended for laundries due to the potential failure of appliances, especially clothes driers which can stop spinning and keep heating. We recommended heat detectors for garages/sheds as well, as these can also be potential fire hazards because of flammable products, charging electric hover boards, electric bikes and cars. Battery-powered tools and equipment can also overcharge, as some chargers do not always cut off correctly.

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