August 14, 2016

Why use us and why install fire protection?!

New Zealand averages around 6,500 fires in homes every year, or 120 per week. This is likely to increase with an ageing population and more electrical / electronic devices.

“Residential kitchen fires are attributable to a large proportion of residential fire deaths, injuries and damage, therefore a reduction in kitchen related fires would make a significant impact in our community.” – BRANZ Report

Less than 1% of all homes have any fire detection device in the kitchen. Less than 15% of homes have adequate smoke detection devices.
In addition, a third of all deaths from house fires start from a fire in the bedrooms. Over half of all deaths occur in homes while people are sleeping. People can sleep through a fire and not wake up due to breathing smoke fumes. Alarms in all rooms and hallways are recommended.
Last year, ACC personal fire injury claims from house fires and work related burns amounted to more than $4.6 million.
“A landmark Court of Appeal ruling means landlords are now liable for any damage accidentally caused by tenants – whether or not they have insurance.” -Max Towle, Radio New Zealand 21-04-16

“Smoke alarms will be required in all tenanted properties from 1 July 2016. Regulations will make landlords responsible for ensuring an operational smoke alarm is in place.”

Recommendations and Solutions:
Secure Solutions Ltd Early Fire Detection systems (EFD) help protect your home, rental property and tenants, while meeting the new smoke alarm requirements.

EFD systems include:
A heat detector in the kitchen. SSL heat detectors are activated by heat only and will not be affected by cooking fumes or smoke. They have a replaceable 10 year life lithium battery.

A photoelectric smoke detector/s if needed to meet requirements. SSL photoelectric smoke detectors are fully compliant with NZ standards, have an easy to access hush button, modern design, latest technology, with a 10 year sealed lithium battery.
All detectors have a full replacement warranty and extended 10 year warranty when serviced annually by SSL.

Secure Solutions Ltd (SSL) was established 20 years ago to protect people’s lives and properties. SSL is a government registered security company with an electrical licence, full public liability and indemnity insurances specifically for this industry. SSL dedicated teams are fully trained in all aspects of early fire detection. This includes training to install smoke alarms to the unique local city council’s specific regulations and the new rental property requirements.